Photo 94 – UBB-HAA-62

Fulani herders of the Woodabe tribe lead a herd of longhorn cattle (called “kuri” in Sudan, not to be confused with the “kuri” cattle race of Lake Chad) on the migrations from Central African Republic into dry season pastures in Darfur. The Fulani have a remarkable control over their livestock and can lead them with verbal commands. Note the Fulani clothing that differs from that used by Baggara nomads. The Fulani are in Sudan frequently referred to as “Fellata”, a term that is applied to people coming from West Africa in general. In Darfur, the term “Fellata” is also used for one of the Baggara Arab tribes who have their own district and administration with headquarter in Tullus. Within the Fellata tribe there is a subunit (“omodiya” in Arabic) at Gereida that the Fullani nomads are attached to. To distinguish the Fullani herders from the Fellata Baggara they are usually referred to as Umbororo Fellata.

Tullus district, Southern Darfur.

Photo: Gunnar Haaland, 1973

Photo 94 - UBB-HAA-00062